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The Design


We try to make our design process as simple and easy as possible for you. 


You decide on what features you would like your item to have (we don't just do kitchen islands we can create whatever you need!) and let us know. We then create a design detailing all of your preferences and then send it to you for approval. We can edit and change features throughout the entire design process * 

The worktops we use on our units are all solid wood and 40 mm thick, if you have your own worktop or wanted to get a different material such as granite, we are more than happy to still create the base unit for you. 

We will send you a sketch of the design along with a quote price via email or whatsapp. 

We are unable to provide a standard price on our website as each unit is different!


Things we will ask you: 


- What dimensions do you require? 

We ask you to be mindful of doorways and access to the final destination when considering this due to the way that they are made. 


- What colour would you like for your unit?

We can try to match the colour of your prexisting kitchen/ any other furniture within the room


- What handles would you like? 

Again, we can try our absolute best to match any specific handles you would like.


- Any specific features such as wine racks, built in bins and spice racks? 

As each of our units are unique to your tastes we are able to add in any requirements you have. We have built units that hold ovens, have power sockets in them and pull out spice racks, so let us know eactly what you would like, no dream is too big!


- How many cupboards/drawers/shelves would you like? 

There are many options to choose from when it comes to storage within the units, you can even opt to have none at all. 


- Delivery! 

We personally deliver all of our units. We have a fair price based on the mileage we have to travel but this is something that will be discussed and finalised later in the quoting process. We can deliver nationwide, with us havng previously travelled the country delivering units as far as Cornwall and the Hebrides. 

As there are so many interchangable parts within our designs, we prefer to do a design consultation over the phone. 

*Once agreed upon the sketch, structual aspects to the design, such as size cannot be changes and only cosmetic changes are possible.

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